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EAC Chemistry offers a transfer of a highly experienced business mind with 30 years of expertise, along with effective chemical formulas for Industrial Maintenance and General Cleaning Chemicals. The sale requires a one-time payment and guarantees hassle-free business.

It is available to buyers worldwide, and the SCOPE of EAC BUSINESS can be found by clicking HERE.


I started my career at a very early age. I had the following thought in my head Whether it is the Industrial Revolution, or the robot age comes, “Cleaning will always be needed, and even more so every day”. Cleaning materials will be used everywhere from forklift wheels to air conditioners, airplanes, barrels of tanks, and internal combustion engines of airplanes.

It will always be necessary to remove paints, limescale, rust, dirt, and all kinds of deposits. Moreover, this cleaning will be necessary for every sector. Cleaning chemicals have to be used everywhere you see when looking around. Machinery manufacturing, aviation industry, automotive, food, construction, paint, printing, production et cetera. My first goal was to establish a good production plant. There should have been good production and working conditions and a good laboratory in this factory. The next step was to find the right formulation and develop these formulas. The acceleration of the industry in Turkey in those years accelerated my work.


Emir Agbas Chemistry (EAC), which was Universal Kimya was founded in the early 90’s by Mr. Emir Agbas; started its activities by producing Technical Maintenance and Cleaning Chemicals.

The company, which has developed and grown step by step during these 30 years with its identity that is open to innovation and attaches importance to research, is a proven player in the sector with its 6.000 sqm production facility and app 1.000 product alternatives.

All our products are formulized to get the best performance from the minimum quantity of ecological chemicals. We are continuously trying hard to improve more and all our sales and R&D teams are at your service to solve your problems and formulate custom made as well. We follow all the new developments and technologies closely and procure the best raw materials from around the world. We search, design, manufacture and launch all our products based on our profound knowledge and experience

We have been producing top quality cleaning and maintenance chemicals to meet the demands of the private and public companies. The improvements in the global chemical industry are keenly observed, and environment/human safety issues are the center of our attention. We have been producing the chemicals tailor made to our corporate customers’ needs and quests.

EAC Products to Industrial Usage

Electrical Solvents

 Chemicals that remove the moisture, dust, dirt, oil and rust and protect the electrical and electronical equipment from moisture and corrosion

Industrial Solvents

 Water and solvent based chemicals that clean the oil, rust, lime and carbonized oils from all types of surfaces

Metal Cleaners and Surface Preparers

 Chemicals that clean and prepare the metals for painting and coating and
aluminum cleaners and brighteners for air conditioning units

Multi Purpose General Cleaning Products and Disinfectants

 Oil and odor removers, strong hand cleaners, dishwashing liquids, disinfectants, kitchen, bathroom, toilet cleaning products

Floor/ Building Cleaning and Maintenance Products

 UV resistant, water resistant coating materials to protect
buildings against external effects and renovation products etc.

Personal Hygiene Care Products

 Soaps, anti bacterial hand wash liquids, hand washing foams, disinfectants

Textile Hygiene Products

 Main cleaning products, stain removers, rust removers, softeners

General Cleaning Products

 Bathroom toilet cleaning and disinfection products, surface cleaners, wood cleaners, silver, copper, brass cleaners and polishers

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Products

 Polishes, dust collection products, polish removers, heavy dirt and
degreaser products, carpet shampoos

Food and Kitchen Hygiene Products

 Dishwasher detergents, drain cleaners, degreasing products, fruit and
vegetable washing products, surface and equipment disinfection products, stainless steel polishers



When buying Intellectual Business presented by EAC Chemistry, you don’t just buy the formulas of the products but you frankly buy a big business plan. After you, as the buyer, decide to take this valuable business plan and the necessary official issues varied the buyers’ location are fullfilled, the whole system comes into play after approximately 3 to 5 months and you start making money.




Ensuring a secure and protected transaction process.


Making the transfer process easy to understand and execute.

Time and Cost Saving

Providing a cost-effective solution that saves both money and time.

Environmental Friendly

Prioritizing eco-conscious practices and products.


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